15 January 2008

The kids today

[I started writing this post on Saturday night when the ABC began reporting on the police helicopter's presence, with only a gut feeling that it would be a good media moment. I had no idea that it would become massive just 24 hours later.]

Corey Worthington’s parents went on holiday to Queensland. They left the 16-year-old at home in the outer Melbourne suburb of Narre Warren, telling him not to have any parties while they were away.

Corey immediately put an open invitation to a party at his house on MySpace: "Oh yea party at Mine Saturday 12th Jan. BYO chicks and grog. No knives, rents will cracK it at me." 500 people turned up.

So did two police cars reinforced by a helicopter, two dog squad units, a critical incident response team, the youth-related crime taskforce Operation Sarazan, transit police and divisional van crews from surrounding suburbs, and, the next morning, every TV station and newspaper in the country.

Here is the ensemble he chose to speak to the media in. Note the virtual singlet, perfectly teamed with the pink, fairy-covered doona. The yellow-framed sunglasses and kooky take on the Yankees cap are sheer styling genius.

When asked how the party started he replied, "I don't remember ... I was just off my head."

Victorian Police Commissioner Christine Nixon held a press conference to say she is considering billing him $20,000 to pay for police costs.

Corey said he had hoped his parents would not find out what had happened.

Good luck with that, Corey.

Update: The parents are back and, of course, straight onto the telly.

"We're absolutely disgusted that he could do this, not only to us but to our neighbourhood," his mother Jo said. "Obviously Corey's gone behind our backs and decided somewhere along the line to throw a party." Yes, Jo, obviously.

"He won't speak to us and you can understand why, because I think he knows what's coming," his stepfather Stephen Delaney said.

And what is coming, I wonder? I have a strange feeling that's it's going to be a TV contract and that he'll be hosting something besides parties very soon.

Another update (yes, I’m officially obsessed): It was 43°C (110°F) in Melbourne yesterday. Corey put on his fur-trimmed hoodie and fronted up for an interview with A Current Affair’s Leila McKinnon.

You can watch the whole brilliant performance here.

Leila McKinnon: Why don't you make a grown up decision and take responsibility and take off your glasses and apologise to the community, the police … take off your glasses and apologise to us!
Corey: I'll say sorry but I'm not gonna take off my glasses.
Leila McKinnon: Why not?
Corey: Coz they're famous.
Leila McKinnon: Because your glasses are famous?
Corey: Yeah.
Leila McKinnon: Why are your glasses famous?
Corey: I don't know. Everyone likes them so I'm not taking them off.
Leila McKinnon: You are pretty happy with the way you look and the attitude you've got are you?
Corey: Yeah, my parents aren't but I am.
Leila McKinnon: OK, Corey, we've gotta wrap this up but what would you say to other kids who are thinking of partying when their parents are out of town?
Corey: Get me to do it for you.
Leila McKinnon: Get you to do it for you? Not ‘don't do it’?
Corey: Nah. Get me to do it for you. Best party ever so far. That's what everyone's been saying.
Leila McKinnon: We've gotta go but I suggest you go away and take a good long hard look at yourself.
Corey: I have. Everyone has. They love it.

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