06 January 2008

Amazing trompe l'oeils

The works of Swiss painter Felice Varini are magical illusions. They can only be viewed from a single point in space, otherwise they make no sense. In person, the pieces appear two-dimenensional and floating. In photographs, they seem to be superimposed.

Here is a simple example. This painting appears to be a cross over a doorway.

When the point of view changes, you can see that it's painted onto the walls, floor and ceiling.

This work appears to be a set of concentric circles floating in space.

It is, however, painted on all surfaces of the corridor.

He also does huge works on buildings and even whole cites. These circles look superimposed on a photo of this castle.

Again, they are painted onto the walls.

Many more examples of Varini's extraordinary work can been seen on his website, here.

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