23 August 2008

Morons R Us

The Official Moron Registry allows you to let the world know about the moron in your life. Here, some morons of note.

Bodes, Patricia - She doesn't know how to be a real parent. She is not the brightest color in the box of crayons. She is as dumb as a box of rocks.
Cairo, Kelly - Chooses to play billiards instead of spending time with his girlfriend who had slaved over the stove cooking dinner for hours.
Davis, Missy - She goes around singing Jojo and Wiggles and she doesn’t even have any children.
Goff, Dwight - This guy has about 10 kids (several different moms), he doesn't take responsibility for any of them, he is too self involved with his drugs & cigarettes to care about anyone including his own mother.
Greaux, Phillip - Phillip, for the love of god, dump that worthless chick, then we'll take you off of this list.
Lippy, Sarah - Sarah has a hilarious habit of pissing her pants when she drinks. Plastic sheets please.
Nickisher, Chris - Everything he touches turns to shit. He's hot, gay and lives at home with his mommy. He's 28.
Parshall, Scott - A moron for viewing women in swim suits when we work at a Catholic organization.
Tefney, Howard - Howard is the guy who sits near me at work. What a frickin moron loser.
Xiong, Zing - Yes, his name is really pronounced Zing Zong. Zing this, you stupid bastard.
Yamamoto, Karen - Stop trying to sound smart all the time. We're all sick of it – the whole school. You bitch.

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