18 August 2008

Lumoava Suomi!

Every time I watch a DVD, I always sit through those endless copyright warnings in different languages wondering who on earth the one headed "Suomi" is for.

It turns out it’s for Finns. They call Finland Suomi, and their language is also called Suomi.

From Enchanting Finland: legends, feelings, experiences comes this list of the top 10 things that make a Finn happy. Number 6 is odd, but I know what they mean.

Finnish feel-good factors
1. A home of one's own
2. Sunny weather
3. An honest relationship
4. A trusting relationship
5. The freedom to be oneself
6. A freshly cleaned home
7. Friendship, gestures/words in a relationship
8. Friendship, actions in a relationship
9. Fidelity in a relationship
10. Security in a relationship

For some reason, the tango is huge in Finland. (There is an article which casts a little light on the subject here.) In fact, it’s so popular that in 1997 the Finnish Post Corporation issued a stamp celebrating the Finns’ love of the tango.

There's also a huge, week-long Tango Festival held every year in Seinäjoki called Tangomarkkinat, where the Tango King and Queen are crowned.

Here are the reigning Tango Queen and King, Johanna Pakonen and Mikko Kilkkinen. 

Aren't they sweet?

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