10 August 2008

Life. Be in it. v2.0

Without any apparent irony, the commercial television association Free TV Australia is running community service announcements telling us to “live life”.

This message is being hammered home in almost every ad break by sportbots like Grant Hackett and Giann Rooney.

Hackett is a particularly inappropriate choice to be telling anyone how to live. In the past year he has only seen his parents once and his wife for 35 days. 

He has no social life outside of grabbing lunch with of his training partners. He gets up at 6am and swims 14km, broken by 30-second breaks to shovel in some protein and a two-hour nap in the middle of the day. 

If he’s not in the pool he’s in the gym or in physiotherapy, and in bed by 7pm to recover from it all. He does this for weeks on end in a single-minded quest to win a swimming competition.

It’s hardly living, is it?

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