17 August 2008

Unfamous last words

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice has a website dedicated to its executions, including a database of final statements. Here are some highlights.

Leon Dorsey, executed 12 August 2008
“See you when you get there. Do what you’re gonna do.”

Patrick Bryan Knight, executed 26 June 2007
“I am not Patrick Bryan Knight, and ya'll can't stop this execution now. Melyssa, take care of that little monster for me.”

James Clark, executed 11 April 2007
“Uh, I don't know, um, I don't know what to say. I didn't know anybody was there. Howdy.”

Shannon Charles Thomas, executed 16 November 2005
“Man, I am nervous. Sometimes you don't know what to say.”

Douglas Roberts, executed 20 April 2005
“I've been hanging around this popsicle stand way too long. When I die, bury me deep, lay two speakers at my feet, put some headphones on my head and rock and roll me when I'm dead.”

William Chappell, executed 20 November 2002
“Jane, you know damn well I did not molest that kid of yours. I really don't know what else to tell you.”

Monty Delk, executed 28 February 2002
“Get your Warden off this gurney and shut up. I am from the island of Barbados. I am the Warden of this unit. People are seeing you do this.”

Brian Roberson, executed 9 August 2000
"Y'all can kiss my black ass."

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