05 August 2008

Flirty dewy petaly floralcy

I love the press releases for fragrances. They try so very hard. Here are some highlights from a six-page press release for an upcoming Mariah Carey fragrance.

Endowed with the gift to bring her art to life, with heart-stirring music and lyrics to alluring fragrance, Mariah unveils a heavenly side of herself with the launch of her newest fragrance, Mariah Carey’s Luscious Pink.

This brand is a bright and sparkling interpretation, with petaly floralcy and delicate sensuality.

The inspiration for this fragrance is Mariah's voice and impressive range.

Her crystalline high notes are translated in the fragrance by luminous accents of a sheer, flirty blend of Sicilian Bergamot, crisp Ocean Breeze Accord and sparkling Bellini Accord, reminiscent of a glorious day in Capri, Mariah’s favorite destination.

The floral heart depicts the rich quality in the heart of Mariah’s voice. Inviting and alluring, the soft essence of Pink Peony is captured in the delicate heart of the fragrance. Wrapped in its beauty, dewy Tiare Petals and Lily of the Valley, create a beautiful blend that embodies Mariah’s flirty feminine aura.

A rich blend of bright blond woods and creamy sandalwood create a unique combination of Sun-Kissed Woods. Wrapped in sultry White Musk, the base reveals sensual warmth and long-lasting depth, reminiscent of Mariah’s magical voice.

We wanted to create a floral melody that is as enveloping as Mariah's voice.

I can't wait for the fragrance inspired by Glitter.


Dataceptionist said...

six f*ing pages?!?!?! You gotta be kidding me!

Dataceptionist said...

I'm wondering what it smells like.