16 December 2007

Pop til you drop

The latest fast-food treats to be unleashed on the American public are these cute little devils from the Arby’s chain called “Cheesecake Poppers”. It’s cheesecake filling inside a sweet biscuit crust, deep-fried in their entirety and served with a raspberry dipping sauce.

One of the places serving them up, Sonic (“America’s Drive-In!”), is selling them like this:

During a season when most of your time is spent treating everyone else, maybe you should think about givin' a little something to numero uno (that's you). Think of it as a convenient indulgence that you can pop while you shop this holiday season. After all, an index finger and an opposable thumb are the only utensils required.

You’ll also be needing that index finger and opposable thumb to call an ambulance on your mobile.

All up, this “little something” is packing 1680 calories, just 320 calories – a large Coke – short of a physically active woman’s entire daily needs. There’s 90g of fat, including 6g of trans fat and 270mg of cholesterol, 80g of sugar and 1450mg of sodium.

That’s 50% more fat than you need for a whole day, 60% of the sodium and almost all the cholesterol. For 1680 calories the RDI is 19.3g of dietary fiber; these have 6g. “Convenient indulgence” is right, so long as you don’t stick anything else in your mouth for the rest of the day and half of the next.

On the plus side, the dipping sauce contains 58% of your RDI of Vitamin C.

Would you like Type 2 diabetes with that?

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