31 December 2007

New Year's Eve in Sydney, apparently

How we celebrate the New Year in Sydney, according to the website of the Society for the Confluence of Festivals in India:

New Year is celebrated with great enthusiasm and gaiety by whole of Sydney. January 1 is the New Year's day in Australia as per the Gregorian Calendar. New Year Celebrations end on January 6.

All discotheques, pubs, clubs, hotels, party halls and even beaches are crowded with party maniacs. As soon as church bells ring at 12 midnight, everyone start producing loud noises with trumpets, drums, horns, etc and wish each other Happy New Year.

More than 80,000 fireworks lit the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. The splendid view enthralls the crowd leaving a memorable impression in their minds. The fireworks lit on the New Year's Eve can be seen from a 16 km radius around Sydney. A brilliant work of vocalists and the soundtrack made by the Sydney Council creates a perfect New Year aura. Then comes the Sydney New Year beach Party in a row. One must not forget to go for a cruise ride aboard some of the popular New Year Cruises.
Church bells? Book those cruise ride tickets now, party maniacs.

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