28 December 2007

2007: the year in viral videos

If you missed any of these during the year – really, where were you? – click on the titles to watch.

"Leave Britney alone!"
One train wreck defending another.

Miss South Carolina Teen USA
"U.S. Americans" can't identify the U.S. on a map because some of them don't have maps. Genius.

Filipino prison Thriller video
Rehabilitation with an MTV edge.

Funny baby

Dramatic prairie dog
Five seconds that became a meme.

2 girls 1 cup reaction videos
Taping reactions to a coprophragia video was the YouTube meme of the year. Link goes to the first one posted.

Chocolate Rain
Tay Zonday's song you can't get out of your head.

Vote different
DIY political attack advertising.

The Landlord
Will Ferrell negotiating the rent with a little girl.

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