29 December 2007

2007: the year in fashion

Not exactly a stellar year for fashion – you have to wonder what 2007 will be mined for in retro fads of the future. Anyway, here's my take on the good, the bad and the just plain ugly.

The handbag It reigned supreme, again, as the must-have accessory. Big, buckled, rivetted and studded. The rule seemed to be the smaller the woman, the bigger the handbag. Next up: the sleek clutch returns.

Peep-toed platform heels When did toe cleavage come back? And why? Cute on very pretty feet and good for added height and ventilation but enough, already. Next: architecturally high stilettos.

Silver ballet slippers The flattest flat imaginable in the cheapest-looking fabric imaginable. Did you see one pair that looked decent after a couple of wears? No more silver anything. Next: the gladiator sandal.

Black tights under everything Or worse: black leggings under everything with a pair of silver ballet flats at the end. Why not just wear trackie daks – they're just as ugly. If you don't want to shave your legs or you're cold, wear jeans.

White sunglasses Although last season's Yoko Ono-esque windshields were still popular – it seemed every second head was a double-sided Dior billboard – the retro appeal of white-framed Wayfarers won the style wars. Next: more of the same in Pop colours.

Red lipstick Dior redeemed itself for the enormous sunglasses with the best red lipstick ever, Rouge Dior in Red Premiere. Perfectly applied with a lick of mascara, a timeless, elegant look.

Short black nails Thank you, Kurt Cobain. Next: indigo nails.

Dead-straight long hair A boom year for GHD straightening irons. Less torture and maintenance is the key to 2008's looks, from Victoria Beckham's "Pob" and pixie cuts, to the return of the layered shag. Brunettes will rule.

Fake tans Every fake tan, regardless of brand or method of application, uses dihydroxyacetone to turn you that delightful shade of orange. Fake tanners weren't fooling anybody. Next: skin-coloured skin.

The jewelled neckline Everyone was turning out this dress-'n'-jewellery combo. It was one degree of separation away from being BeDazzlered. Next: actual jewellery – pendants that sits on the decolletage, to be exact.

For men: the suit and tie The strongest year for the suit and tie in years. Justin Timberlake performed most of his concert in a three-piece suit. Two buttons, skinny tie, and it's still dressy chic with a waistcoat and no jacket. Bye, bye, sportswear.

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EllenB said...

I hate black tights too! It's so lazy.