14 February 2008

Uno is number one

His thoroughbred name is Park Me In First, but you can call him Uno. He won Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show last night, the first time a beagle has won since 1939.

I’m very happy, because if ever I had a dog, it would be a beagle. I’ve always loved them. They’re a good size and they have exactly the temperament I like. But I think they like being in packs, because they’re pack hounds, so I’d need two or three. Perhaps when I do my seachange and/or treechange, I’ll get my own pack of beagles.

Anyway, Uno travels with his favourite stuffed frog toy and a fluffy pillow he sleeps on with a Hollywood star on it. Pampered. As he should be.

Before winning Westminster, Uno had already won 32 best in show titles, and finished 2007 as the sixth-ranked show dog in the country.

Here he is working out on his treadmill at the hotel just before the show. So committed.

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