19 February 2008

Shut up and drive

Caught a cab this morning and the driver had Alan Jones, who's now so lazy that he just reads the newspapers, on the radio. I don’t need to hear right-wing bullshit – or cab drivers' opinions about right-wing bullshit – first thing in the morning, so I put my iPod on and listened to some music.

It's a 15-minute drive, and when we got to my office, he turned around and said, aggressively, “Are you happy living like that? Isolating yourself from the world?”

My pre-caffeinated comeback: “For $1.79 a kilometre, I’ll do what I fucking like, OK?”

And I made him give me $1.10 change.

1 comment:

Dataceptionist said...

Hahaha I like it.

You know as a taxi passenger you have the right to choose the radio station.
Of course, depending how often you catch a cab, I imagine it often wouldn't be worth the hassle.