17 September 2008

It turns out all my dreams are cliches

Everyone dreams. At about two hours a night, the average person spends six years of their life dreaming.

We don't know how or why we dream, the thing between our ears still being one of the great scientific mysteries. We do, however, know what we dream about.

Since the 1950s, there have been several large-scale studies of the content of dreams.

The most common emotional state we experience in our dreams is anxiety. That can't be good.

Here are the most common themes:

  • situations relating to school
  • being chased
  • running slowly in place
  • sexual experiences
  • falling
  • arriving too late
  • a person now alive being dead
  • teeth falling out
  • flying
  • embarrassing moments
  • falling in love with random people
  • failing an examination
  • not being able to move
  • not being able to focus vision
  • car accidents

  • I know it's true, but am I alone in finding this list really disturbing?

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