07 July 2008

For all your fashion news and views

The very fabulous and fearless Patty Huntington has abandoned the shackles of mainstream media to strike out on her own. The author of, most recently, the Fully Chic blog at news.com.au has gone all indie on our ass with her very own blog, [frockwriter].

There's a great story about Patty being banned from some off-schedule New York Fashion Week shows a couple of years ago by a megalomaniac PR -- she once called herself "the Mother Teresa of the avant-garde" and dresses like this -- who Gawker described as "insane, possibly in the paste-eating way". These posters were plastered around the venue:

That's cred, people. The lady knows her business. Subscribe! Comment! Get over there!


frockwriter said...

That turban photo totally cracks me up. Every time I see it - but especially this time. It was so.........unexpected.

Dataceptionist said...

Hehehe I've come the other way

Nice blog!

I'm DYING to know how you got your tags to do that? Please email me how dataceptionist@gmail.com and I will love you forever!

I have a million tags, the list feature Blogger provides is too long!