19 February 2009

Just because you can type, it doesn't make you a writer. Or a mathematician

In a rare moment of restraint, TMZ marked the passing of Mickey Rourke's beloved chihuahua simply:

Loki Rourke
1991 - 2009
"Sometimes when a man's alone, that's all you got ... is your dog."
-- Mickey @ the Golden Globes
The second and third reader comments on the story:
2. That dog did not live 28 years. No way.
Posted at 11:57PM on Feb 17th 2009 by Stephen
3. Umm... a 28 year old dog? Is that a typo?
Posted at 11:58PM on Feb 17th 2009 by Wow

It's no wonder President Obama's Massive Stimulus Package includes $53 billion for education.

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